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CBD in Coffee

Some of our friends in the trade are telling us that there is a pile of money to be made in CBD blended coffee. Maybe there is.

Dealing in CBD today is not dissimilar to dealing in alcohol during prohibition under The 18th Amendment, in the 1920’s. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says the law is clear, Cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance, and medicinal oils derived from cannabis plants are illegal according to two federal laws: the Controlled Substance Act and the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Confusion surrounding the Agricultural Act of 2014 (better known as the “Farm Bill”) is frequently cited as legal justification by those who want to manufacture, sell or use CBD oil. The DEA believes the Farm Bill permits only CBD research, and not CBD manufacture, marketing, sale or use.

CBD is illegal, and any manufacturer, trader, wholesaler, retailer or consumer who is in violation of the federal laws runs the risk of arrest and prosecution. Still, some state governments are not arresting anyone for use which is leading some of our trade colleagues to get into the CBD coffee business. We are seeing café’s here in New York openly offering CBD laced coffee beverages, and we are seeing CBD infused K-Cup®s too. We are receiving inquiries from customers and prospective customers inquiring about CBD coffee products. While there is money to be made, perhaps lots of money, for the present Gillies Coffee Company will leave the money on the table, and the manufacture and sale of CDB laced coffee to others.

P.S. Read about CBD in Food or Drink on the New York City Government website here:


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