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I have been working in the Specialty Coffee Industry now for the past 15 plus years. The bulk of that time has been spent canvassing the streets of New York City, looking to help cafes and restaurants realize they are not currently purchasing the absolute best tasting coffees their customers could be enjoying.


I have been learning, and writing about coffee for as long as I can remember. I was a boy when James “Jim” Quinn had taken over the reins of Tea and Coffee Trade Journal in 1956. By 1976 he was tired and discouraged with the effects of industry consolidation in the aftermath of World War II which had left few players in the US roasting field.


My Dad had a hail, hearty and memorable throaty laugh. I can still hear it, 40 years after his passing, ringing joyfully through my internal coffee world. “Just remember it’s a game,” he would say, over a corned beef sandwich at Katz’s on Houston Street just down the block and across the street from where he was born in 1910.


In France where a coffee-maker is a Cafetiere, it is a Cafetière à Piston. It is called simply Cafetiere, a brand name in the UK, and likewise in high-tone US dining rooms where some still lift their pinky when sipping coffee. The folks call it a Coffee Press,[...]


In the time since Tea and Coffee published my article Cold Comfort in May 2011, which told the story of cold coffee beverages, a controversy over Iced coffee has been percolating. 


The following missive was sent by me to my friends Paul Katzeff, and Dan Cox, two gentlemen of coffee who were present at the birth of Specialty Coffee Association of America, have served multiple terms as the association’s president and have both been honored as Lifetime Achievement laureates by the trade.


Ted Lingle, and Paul Katzeff are two SCAA founders who have favored their fellow tradespeople with letters on the subject of merger during recent days. Both have an abiding affection for SCAA, having served as Presidents of the association and both have been honored as Lifetime Achievement laureates by the trade. 


In recent weeks there has been an ongoing discussion, which I had something to do with igniting, among Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Past Presidents on the subject of the proposed consolidation of SCAA with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). 


 I don’t know if Leonard Nimoy was a coffee lover. Possibly not, but as I have been writing about globalization in recent months Mr. Nimoy, and his alter ego Mr. Spock keep coming to mind. I find myself remembering my youth in a coffee galaxy where the American small roaster community was within a hair’s breadth of disappearing.

10 Reasons 10 SCAA Presidents VOTE NO On Consolidation

This is Donald Schoenholt, co-founder of SCAA, and founder of Roasters Guild. By now you know that there is an SCAA and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) consolidation vote scheduled for this coming week. I am writing to you for a group of 10 SCAA Past Presidents.

11 SCAA Presidents vote NO!

Unification means Bye Bye SCAA!

A Personal Message on Unification

A Personal Message on Unification from SCAA & Roasters Guild Founding Father, Donald Schoenholt.
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