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The Daily Grind with David Chabbott

To be quite honest, I didn’t get into this business as a fan of puns.

I have been working in the Specialty Coffee Industry now for the past 15 plus years. The bulk of that time has been spent canvassing the streets of New York City, looking to help cafes and restaurants realize they are not currently purchasing the absolute best tasting coffees their customers could be enjoying. I go through pairs of shoes faster than they go out of style, obliterating the number of steps per day, most doctors recommend (and making the MTA regret the issuance of Monthly unlimited Metrocards). My summer tan borders on Italian Roast, and my winter frostbite can cause the ICE futures market to tank. It is not always the most enviable job, but then again, I absolutely love it.

There’s nothing in the world I can compare to being a New York City coffee salesman. Seeing the different purveyors of coffee throughout our great metropolis, brings something new and exciting into my life every single day. One café is never the same as the next, each with their own distinct form, style, and substance. Even a chain of 3 or 4 stores in this city, will eventually express their own personality, giving off its own vibe, emanating from their neighborhood and customer base. On the other hand, give a store a chalkboard and a dry eraser, and our coffee universe gets a whole lot smaller.

Coffee is truly a magical thing. It immediately can perk you up from a funk, and shake you out of that feeling of being depresso. That first fresh cup of the morning can help you focus and stay grounded, get you ready to take on the day full force. Having trouble being your best self? Don’t be shy, espresso yourself! It’s definitely worth a “shot!” Never be bitter, thinking bean there, done that. There’s a whole latte world out there, ripe for exploring. So grab your bff and your favorite mug (is there a better blend?), and explore your neighborhood coffee shops! You tell me your fave, and I’ll tell you mine (is that a Fair Trade?). Otherwise we can choose together in a more organic way. Is there anything more brewtiful?

I promise this will be my final puncentric message to you all. But what I think is so special about coffee is all the fun we can have with it. Coffee is so much more than a beverage. It’s a culture, and a lifestyle. Every cup we choose can be a reflection of our feelings at that moment. Dark roast or light. Cappuccino or Cortado. Cold brew or French Press- the possibilities are endless.

So go ahead, take it or serve it however you want it. At Gillies Coffee, we’ve been mastering our craft for almost 180 years. So you can definitely say, we’ve BEAN there :)

Just brew it

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