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GMO IN COFFEE: Perish The Thought or Maybe Not

The NCA website says, “…NCA is not aware of any GMO coffee in the marketplace.” We should be aware that Nestle, “has obtained a patent on a genetically modified coffee plant that will improve the solubility of instant coffee powder made from its beans,” according to an article on published December 26, 2006.

I have seen references to a Wall Street Journal piece on the Nestle patent, from 2006, but I was unable to find the original WSJ article.

A proposed class action suit against Nestle for misleading Non-GMO labeling on some products was recently dismissed in California. To my knowledge there was no mention of coffee, or instant coffee in the dismissed suit.

There is plenty of research going on to genetically modify coffee plants to ward off diseases, pests, effects of climate change etc. Here is a google link to research articles that may be of interest to those more scientifically minded among you:

There was an excellent piece on the subject of genetically engineered coffee on the March 2017 dailycoffeenews website.

Modified or otherwise, there is plenty of food for thought in this subject.

Good luck, and good coffee,



Many thanks to Michael Silberstein , Paragon Coffee, New York for the cartoon.

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