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Carioca Blend, Espresso Do Brasil

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In the vibrant land of Brazil, where a native of Rio de Janeiro is known as a "Carioca," espresso culture has thrived along the iconic Copacabana beachfront since the days of "Flying Down to Rio" in the early Thirties. Picture yourself in the hotel bars, overlooking the rhythmic waves, indulging in a smooth and hearty espresso treat.

This Brazilian delight, roasted to perfection in our signature Rich Dark Roast™, invites you to savor it black or sweetened, perhaps flavored with a touch of blonde sugar. Embrace the essence of Carioca energy and the rich heritage of espresso along the sun-kissed shores.

Let each sip transport you to the lively spirit of Rio, where the coffee experience is as dynamic as the city itself.

CUP PROFILE: Butternut, vanilla bean, wheat, smooth semi-sweet crema.

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