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French Blend

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“Nous voila, Lafayette!”* (Lafayette, we are here!)

The 1880s marked a pivotal era for Gustave Eiffel, a time of grand designs and monumental structures. As he crafted the support for the Statue of Liberty and a tower in Paris to commemorate the French Revolution, fate took a turn.

In 1980, Georges Hauguel, the visionary President of Coffea, journeyed from La Havre to New York. A simple sign reading 'French Blend' led to a revelation—a meeting of two worlds. Dark beans in hand, Hauguel declared, 'Don, this is not French. This is burnt!' Thus began my immersion into the art of French-style roasting.

That year, I embarked on a journey through France with Pierre Auerbach, absorbing the essence of Coffea. Returning to Gillies, my newfound knowledge shaped our coffee roasting, especially for French espresso, Cafe filter, and the cafetière à piston. The result? Gillies' French Blend—a blend of mellow Brazils with a subtle hint of walnut shell, roasted to a rich chestnut brown with a broad bean sheen. Originally designed for the Melior® brand cafetière à piston, it brews a simple, pleasurable straight espresso. Versatile and enduring, French holds its own with steamed milk and delights as a Cafe filtre. Enter the realm of Rich Dark Roast™ with a touch of history.

-DNS, Coffeeman"

CUP PROFILE: Caramel, walnut, brown-sugar, vanilla toffee finish.

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