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Italian Blend

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In the scenic North of Italy, nestled along the Alpen border with Austria, coffee is roasted as delicately as cinnamon. As one ventures South to the vibrant city of Rome, the beans transform into a luscious chestnut brown, and beyond Naples, the Italian roasting tradition takes a darker, more intense turn. Cross the seas to Sicily, and behold a roast glistening like ebony.

In the bustling streets of New York, our perception of Italian roasting was shaped by the Sicilian community, associating it with the deepest, darkest hues. A nod to my dear departed friend Ernesto Illy, I've since embraced the diverse palette of Italian roasting traditions. Yet, the term "Italian" still graces the labels of the richest beans in our traditional New York roasting houses.

Blending the mellowness of Brazils and the vitality of off-the-green Centrals, Italian emerges with a robust quality, boasting burnished brown musky flavors and a rounded, long-stored dried peaches essence. The darker roast unveils a chestnut complexity, and in the vanilla candy finish, hints of mixed almond and walnut dance. Crafted as a canvas for steamed milk espresso beverages, indulge in the allure of Rich Dark Roast™.

-DNS, Coffeeman

CUP PROFILE: Musk, dried peaches. roasted chestnut, a wee hint of Barbados molasses, vanilla and almond.

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