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Norwegian Wood Blend

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In the days of my father's youth, he crafted a coffee known as Norway House—a blend of light and dark coffees artfully combined after roasting. The label featured a Viking knar, the robust ocean-faring vessel of the Norse. This bracing coffee was the perfect remedy for the bite of a cold winter's day. I fondly remember the black & white label, its old-style lettering, and the sturdy craft sailing by.

However, by the tumultuous 60s, sales of Norway House, like many classic blends, took a hit. In the mid-70s, it was time for retirement. Enter my partner, Hy Chabbott, with a brilliant suggestion: a name change. "Try 'Norwegian Wood,'" he proposed. The switch breathed new life into our sails, and NorWood set sail smoothly. Since 1976, Norwegian Wood™ has maintained its steady course as a beloved house favorite.

The Chicago Tribune hailed it as "the one that kept them coming back for more." Embrace the legacy of Norwegian Wood™, a mixed roast that has weathered the winds of time.

Roast: Mixed Roast

-DNS, Coffeeman

CUP PROFILE: Allspice, dried cranberry, dried orange peel, pine, and cedar smoke, vanilla.

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