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Viennese Blend

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In the venerable Hapsburg capital dating back to 1683, amidst the echoes of the Turkish siege of Vienna, coffee found its place, perhaps even earlier. Drawing from the rich heritage of our Schoenholt family, who journeyed to the US from Austria-Hungary, we pay homage to the old country with our Vienna blend.

Mellow Gillies Brazils and mature off-the-green Centrals come together in a dance of dark roasting, echoing the traditions of the Hapsburg era. The Vienna blend is a symphony of softness, culminating in a delicate vanilla finish. Crafted for a simple, pleasurable cup, a dollop of "schlag" (unsweetened whipped cream) transforms it into a regal dessert fit for royalty.

Legend has it that Vienna blend transcends its origins, making for an excellent Northern Italian-style espresso, reminiscent of Trieste, a pre-World War I Austrian city. Trieste, a city close to my heart, brings memories of my friend Dr. Ernesto Illy of Illycaffe, whose family's roots trace back to Austria. While the Illys base their blend on Brazils, they opt for a lighter roast compared to the Hapsburg tradition. Indulge in the richness of history with Rich Dark Roast™.

-DNS, Coffeeman

CUP PROFILE: Hyacinth, Pain au chocolate, apricot jam, cognac.

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Isabelle M Verdini
Good coffee

These beans make a beautiful cup of coffee, which is why I always order the 5 pound bag.

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