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Caramel Nut

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Embark on a journey of decadence with our Caramel Nut – an enticing fusion of premium coffee beans infused with the rich aroma and flavor of meticulously crafted brown sugar. As you indulge, experience the luscious notes of slow-melted sweetness, culminating in a buttery finish that elevates your coffee experience to a new realm of satisfaction. Gillies' dedication to quality ensures that each sip is a cool and refined escape, making your coffee ritual a rendezvous with luxury. Transform your ordinary cup into an extraordinary symphony of flavors that tantalize your senses.

CUP PROFILE: Origin: Pure Arabica past crop/ old crop Milds of American origins blended to perfection, and browned to a Gillies Standard Roast™ in our centuries old hand-tended roasting process.

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