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Green Coffee - Guatemala Antigua

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Nestled between the Siamese-twin volcanos of Fuego and Acetanango, and Volcan Agua, lies the historic city of Antigua in the Panchoy Valley. Once the second Spanish Colonial Capital of Guatemala, it earned its name after the 1773 earthquake that led to the creation of a new capital, Guatemala City. Today, Antigua is the capital of the Guatemalan Department of Sacatépequez and renowned for its coffee, akin to the prestige of Champagne and Cognac.

Genuine Antigua coffees, cultivated in near-ideal conditions—rich volcanic soil and elevations of 1,400-1,700m—are hailed among the world's best. Considered a Gran Cru coffee, Antiguas embody the quintessential classic Central American cup, balancing acidity and body with floral, chocolatey, and sometimes smoky notes, finishing with a soft buttery touch. Federación de Cooperativas Agrícolas Guatemala (Fedecocagua), founded in 1969, unites 20,000 coffee farmers to create the Genuine Antigua Pastoral blend. Gillies' choice, an SHB, EP (Strictly Hard Bean-European Preparation), ensures the highest quality.

Gillies Standard Roast™. –DNS, coffeeman

Following the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 2011) and the recommendation of Green Coffee Association Inc (GCA) Gillies is now labeling all green coffee products with the following guidance:

FOR FURTHER PREPARATION ONLY Green Coffee Should Be Roasted Prior to Use as a Food Ingredient

In addition we offer the following FOOD SAFETY GUIDANCE: This product has not been processed to control microbial pathogens, physical or chemical hazards, or toxins that might be present. Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption.


Smoke, spice, orchid, lemon zest, spiced chocolate. A cup of “best balanced” nuanced complexity and an elegant mouthfeel that is unique to the origin. Did I mention that I like this coffee? - DNS

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