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Green Coffee - MC Decaffeinated Pure Arabica Blend

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Origin: Blend of pure Arabica coffees. Solvent: USDA Approved MC (DCM). Processor: Hermsen, Bremen Germany. We recommend a Gillies Standard Decaffeinated Roast™ (AGTRON 40-45)

Following the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 2011) and the recommendation of Green Coffee Association Inc (GCA) Gillies is now labeling all green coffee products with the following guidance:

FOR FURTHER PREPARATION ONLY Green Coffee Should Be Roasted Prior to Use as a Food Ingredient

In addition we offer the following FOOD SAFETY GUIDANCE: This product has not been processed to control microbial pathogens, physical or chemical hazards, or toxins that might be present. Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption.


Bitter sweet doum palm gives way to a layer of malty fruit., with waves of sage, tobacco, leather, dried peaches cardamom cedar and tobacco all revealing themselves in turn. Its intoxicating really to follow the flavor changes as the beverage cools revealing hidden depths of licorice, pepper, molasses, anise and caramelized brown sugar. Australian glazed apricot , are layered under all, and the trail of taste lingers with the unmistakable trace of spiced semi-sweet chocolate in the long much savored, and lasting impression.

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