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Barista Magazine

Dedicated to promoting and furthering the barista craft. Sponsor of the bU.S. Barista Championship.

Coffee Crew, The

Serving coffee and espresso enthusiasts with tutorials for home, office and professional users of all manner of coffee equipment.


Dedicated to the pursuit of perfect espresso. Reviews, discussion, and information for the serious espresso aficionado. Hosted by Mark Prince.

Coffee FAQ

The coffee information site of the World Wide Web.

Coffee Research Center

Dedicated to advancing coffee quality through education and science.

Coffee Science Information Center, The (CoSIC)

A Pan-European Information Center based in Switzerland.

Grounds for Health

effective cancer screening programs for women in coffee producing lands, with a primary focus on Mexico.


A trade journal, for specialty coffee entrepreneurs. Occassional articles are contributed to CoffeeTalk by Gillies' coffeeman.

Fresh Cup Magazine

Providing specialty coffee and tea retailers with insight into the trends, ideas, products, and people that shape their world.

New York Board of Trade

The New York Board Of Trade (NYBOT) is the designated futures market and exclusive global marketplace for coffee “C” futures and options contracts and historical price information for commercial coffee.

International Coffee Organization (ICO)

The main international organization for coffee, providing a forum for producer and consumer countries to work on the challenges facing coffee through international cooperation.

I Need Coffee

An Interesting and entertaining site for non-commercial caffeination information published by Michael Allen Smith.

Roast Magazine

A periodical in support of the independent specialty roasting community. Gillies' coffeeman is proud to serve on the Advisory Board of Roast.

Coffee Roasters Guild, The

A trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association whose membership is dedicated to the craft of hand roasting quality coffee; founded by Gillies' coffeeman.

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC)

Dedicated to fostering greater understanding, appreciation, and protection of the grand phenomenon of bird migration.

Specialty Coffee Association(SCA)

The only coffee association bringing together both producers, and consumers of the specialty coffee community. The Association has an excellent Coffee Resource Center for coffee business related books ,and materials on its website. It was co-founded by Gillies' coffeeman in 1982, and who served as the association's 1st President


A Coffee Origin Encyclopedia presented by NV Supremo SA, Brugge, Belgium.

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

The trade's oldest and most prestigious coffee & tea periodical serving all segments of the coffee and tea industries for over 120 years, and where Gillies' coffeeman has served as Gourmet/Specialties Editor since 1981.

FairTrade USA

The non-profit organization that certifies and promotes Fair Trade coffee, tea and cocoa in the USA. It's mission is to create a new enlightened model for international trade that benefits both producers, consumers, while protecting the environment at origin.

Women's International Coffee Alliance (WICA)

WICA's mission is to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve sustainable livelihoods; and to recognize and promote the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry.

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