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FRENCH PRESS cafetière à piston (Fr.)

How the Taste Differs

French Press Coffee is coffee steeped in very hot water (200˚F ±5˚) for about 3-4 minutes. The beverage brews with a heavier more luxurious mouth feel than drip brewed coffee. Where properly brewed drip coffee is clear and clean, French Press produces a darker, beverage with rich particulate matter in the coffee.

Grinding and Dosage

Use 1 dry-weight ounce medium /coarse grind coffee for each 16 ounces freshly heated cold water. Yield 15 ounces fresh brewed cafetière à piston style coffee.

Brewing Instructions

1. Remove the plunger from the press pot.

2. Grind coffee coarse for press pot and add the ground coffee to the glass carafe. (image 1)

3. Pour hot water over the ground coffee. The water should be just off boil (195-205 F). Once a kettle comes close to a boil, remove from heat and wait 5 seconds before pouring (image 2)

4. Using a wooden spoon carefully give the coffee a quick stir. That will ensure total saturation of the ground coffee.

5. Place the plunger unit on top with the plunger in the Up position (Image 3)

6. Let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes.

7. Hold the carafe firmly, as if anchoring it to the table surface, and using steady pressure depress the plunger slowly. It should have some resistance, but not too much. If you hit resistance, back off the plunger, and then continue to press down until all the floating grounds are trapped beneath the screens with the brewed beverage above.

8. Serve and enjoy! (Image 4)

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