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Brew with fresh water as it is more oxygenated than water that has been standing, or stored in a hot water heater. Use fresh cold water from the cold water tap, or bottled spring water. Don’t use distilled water as it often tastes flat.


3 grams of tea leaves, about one (1) rounded teaspoon of dry leaves, to 6 OZ fresh cold water that has been brought just to a boil, but not boiling. Some teas as oolongs and whites are so light that you may want to use a second teaspoon of leaves to 6 ounces of water.

Black, Dark Oolong, and herbal teas often brew best at temperatures about 200˚ F.
Grren, White and Light Oolong teas often taste best when brewed using water that is 170˚-180˚.


The smaller the leaf the faster the tea will infuse. It is best to experiment, before you set out to brew for your guests. Steep your tea for a minute or two, taste then continue steeping until you find the correct brew time for each tea.

Most green, oolong, and white teas can be infused several times. Black and Herbal teas give everything they have in the first infusion.

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