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Brazil Sul De Minas

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Discover the hidden gem of Brazilian coffee with Gillies Standard Roast™. Often underestimated in the U.S., Brazilian coffees are far from ordinary – they're sweet, mellow, and anything but bland. Our Grade 2-3 beans with 4-12 defect points in a 300 gr. sample showcase the dedication to quality. While others opt for smaller Screen 14/16 coffee, we stand firm, sourcing the rare 17/18 Screen beans for an unparalleled experience. Originating from Brazil's historic coffee culture, our beans offer a unique 19th Century cup – delicate, with a dry nut and cocoa character, minus the overwhelming acidity of high-grown Pacific Coast Central American varieties. Gillies, true to tradition, roasts a shade darker, capturing the essence of Brazilian coffee without compromising its delicate qualities. Join us on a journey back to the roots of coffee excellence with Gillies Standard Roast™.

CUP PROFILE: Dark Russian raisin bread, Bing cherry, dry walnut, cocoa.


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