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Economy 1 LB Tabbed Kraft Paper Coffee Bags - 1/250

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Our economy 1 LB Tin-Tie bag has a lighter weight wrapper, and is slightly taller and thinner than our Classic 1 LB Kraft bag. Offered at 10% below the Classic version, it may be just what the coffee doctor ordered for your use in these high inflationary times.

40 LB (the weight of 500 sheets) Kraft (Tan) Paper, polypropylene Lined, coffee bag with metal tin-tie closure. The bag is about 91.75 cu. in. volume.

L: 10.875" / W: 3.375" / Gusset: 2.5". The bag can hold up to 16 OZ Gillies French Blend Beans. The 5.75" paper-wrapped tin-tie stands about 1/2" above bag length when the empty bag is standing on a table).
The freshlife of coffee in a Kraft paper tin-tie bag is determined by the amount of oxygen, moisture, temperature, and light to which the product is exposed. Roasted coffee beans in a paper tin-tie bag, held under optimum conditions, should be consumed 1-3 weeks after roasting. Ground coffee will remain potable from 1-2 weeks. If longer freshlife is required, a hermetically sealed laminated barrier bag, with a valve, is recommended. For optimum freshness nitrogen gas -flushing will extend the life of the product longer.

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