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Indonesia Sumatra

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Explore the captivating history of Indonesian coffee, rooted in the scenic landscapes of Sumatra. Introduced in 1888 around Lake Toba, this high plateau in North Sumatra boasts a rich coffee culture and is considered an ideal location for cultivating Arabica coffee. Named after the indigenous Mandailing people, Mandheling coffee embodies diverse qualities despite revealing little about its origin.

Sumatra's coffee industry, comprised mainly of smallholder farms, employs a unique wet hulling process called "Giling Basah." While insect and worm damage is common, the resulting coffee exhibits a distinctive low-acid, heavy-bodied character. The Bourbon variety Arabica, originating in Bourbon (Reunion) in 1715, was the original Sumatra coffee. Despite challenges like coffee leaf rust disease (CLR) and wartime setbacks, Sumatra rebounded with varieties like Typica and Catimor.

Harvested in spring and fall, Sumatra's coffee stands out amidst the trend of clean, bright coffees, offering a unique and beloved cello-like experience. Gillies Rich Dark Roast presents this exceptional Sumatra coffee, a testament to its complex and bold flavors.

-DNS, Coffeeman

CUP PROFILE: Sweet Cavendish tobacco, dried berries, musk, and nutmeg, bottomless buttery depth of earth and muted spice allspice, and star anise.

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