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Kenya Fancy Mark

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Experience the excellence of Kenyan coffee with Gillies Kenya Nyeri. Nestled in the Aberdene Mountains of Kikuyuland, North of Nairobi, this region boasts one of Kenya's finest coffee-growing landscapes. With farms situated between 1650 – 1700m, the smallholders deliver their exceptional harvests to collection centers, prepared for the weekly auctions in Nairobi.

Formerly known as South Tetu, Nyeri District carries a rich history dating back to pre-independence times. The farms, typically featuring less than 200 trees, offer coffees of remarkable quality. Gillies Kenya Fancy Mark guarantees either a Grade AA (17/18 Screen) or an AB (15/16 Screen), with the AB often providing an equally impressive cup at a more economical price. In the face of economic pressures on coffee prices, discovering an AB that meets our standards is indeed a blessing.

Indulge in the bold and rich flavors of Gillies Kenya Nyeri – a true delight in every cup.

Rich Dark Roast. 

-DNS, Coffeeman

CUP PROFILE: Creamy sweet and floral scent. Cranberry, Macoun apple, orange peel, and lemon zest.

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